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25 Apr 2017

MOM quota changes : salary threshold for work pass quota

From 1 Jun 2017
MOM quota changes : salary threshold for work pass quota

From 1 Jun 2017, we will introduce these changes in the Process sector:

  • Employers can hire existing Process Work Permit holders from non-traditional sources, North Asian sources and the People's Republic of China, without them having to leave Singapore first. You can find out more here.
  • Workers can get higher-skilled (R1) status if they earn a minimum fixed monthly salary of $1,200 and either have:
    • worked in Singapore for at least 2 years; or
    • the required skills certificates or academic qualifications.
  • Existing R1 workers must meet the minimum $1,200 fixed monthly salary requirement during their Work Permit renewals to maintain their R1 status. For renewals submitted before 1 Jun 2017, the R1 status will not be subject to this salary requirement.

For all sectors, the salary threshold to calculate the number of local employees to determine the foreign worker quota will be as follows:

Effective date

Full-time equivalent local employees

Part-time equivalent local employees


Minimum $1,000

$500 to below $1,000

1 Jul 2017

Minimum $1,100

$550 to below $1,100

1 Jul 2018

Minimum $1,200

$600 to below $1,200

From 1 July 2017 onwards, the gross salary for a full time local/ PR employee must at least be S$1100 per month to be considered as ONE full headcount.

If it falls below S$1100 but above $550, it will be considered as part-timer and will only count towards as HALF a headcount.   

Pls check your salary and CPF contribution to ensure that you have made the adjustments to maintain your headcount for the quota for your foreign worker renewal and employment.  MOM will take the average of 3 months of contribution to calculate the quota.  Hence, pls try to avoid last minute adjustments as backdating is no longer accepatable by MOM.

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