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Silk Screen Machine Operator 丝印员机械操作切割员
Salary S$1200 底新 + S$460 housing 住屋津贴 + overtime 超时 = around 约 S$2100 -2300
Job scope *Silk Screen Machine Operator 丝印员机械操作切割员
*Adjust the holding fixtures, machine 调整夹具,机械
*Use hand tools 用手动工具
*ensure product meet specifications 确保作品附和规格,要求
*Will rotate to different works and will train to handle machines cutting woods, metal, and plastic. 工作性质会轮换。
Requirements Requirements 要求:
*Has 2 years relevant trade experience. 有两年操作丝印机械切割的相关经验。
*With good learning attitude who is willing to learn. To fulfill the designated duties assigned by the manager/supervisors/superior. 良好工作态度,愿意学习,听从指导。

Working hours 工作时间 (会有更动):
Mon-Thur 周一 至 周四 : 8am - 5:30pm
Fri 周五 : 8am - 6:00pm
Sat &Sun/PH 周六,日与公共假期 : Off 休息
Overtime pay will be provided 有超时.
Location Kallang
Experience needed Yes
Education Level Secondary Leaving Certificate 初中
Vacancy 1
Post Date 31/01/2023
If you are interested in this job, please email your resume to : jobs@eremp.com.
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