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Nursing Aide/Therapy Aide/Physical Therapist
Salary Negotiable
Job scope Position: Therapy Aide/Physical Therapist
Duties and Responsibilities
1. Follows treatment procedures under supervision of the PT.
2. Prepares monthly evaluations of the residents and all the subsequent reports.
3. Cleans the PT rooms and apparatus used for treatment (general cleaning daily and thorough cleaning once a month).
4. Maintains the PT equipment and inform the PT when there is need to repair the equipment.
5. Initiates physical activities and assists care staff in proper positioning, handling and seating methods.
6. Works as a team with other staff (e.g. nursing aides, OT aides and Psy trainers) in the daily routine of the residents (i.e. PE and feeding etc.).
7. Provides guidance to volunteers who help out in therapy sessions.
8. Keeps track of the inventories or items present in the PT rooms and monitors items borrowed by other staff. Keeps the PT informed immediately if anything is amiss.
9. Performs any other duties as directed by the PT.

Position: Nursing Aide
Duties & Responsibilities:
- bathes the residents
- fill hot water flasks for residents
- collects food from kitchen and serves them to the residents
- prepares residents for meals and feed those that need feeding
- washing up of dishes and cleaning the place after meals
- helps the sick/weak residents to the hall, the exercises room and the toilet
- helps to exercise chronically ill residents under the supervision of the physiotherapist
- brings the sick to the clinic
- sees to residents' personal needs. Give bedpans and urinals when needed. Change any resident that is wet and dirty
- makes the beds, bed sheets to be changed weekly or whenever wet or dirty
- dusts and tidies rooms and lockers. Mop rooms daily
- collects, folds, sorts laundry and put them away in linen cupboard
- to escort the residents to and from hospital/clinic whenever necessary
- to participate in staff development programs
- to assist in recreational and social programs
- to provide general supervision of residents
- to be on shift, on night duties and on call
- to undertake any other duties assigned by Matron
Requirements Min Qualification: Bachelor of science in Nursing / Bachelor of science in Physical Therapist/ Diploma in Healthcare Assistant (Nursing)/ related qualification
Meal & Accommodation provided

TO APPLY: For nursing aide position please kindly submit your Resume/CV + a recent photo attached in your Resume + Your Nursing Education Certificates to Healthcare@eremp.com
Location Singapore
Experience needed Yes
Education Level Bachelor of Science Nursing
Vacancy 10
Post Date 26/07/2017
If you are interested in this job, please email your resume to : jobs@eremp.com.
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