Candidate Details

Gender M
Date of Birth 15 October 1979
Age 38
Height 167 cm
Weight 65 kg
Skill 1 Carpenter - Furniture
Skill 2 Class 3 Driver
Skill 3 General Worker
Education 1994-1997 : High School graduate 高中毕业 / 陕西省
Experience Experience in China:
5 years as a apprentice as a furniture carpenter.
5 years in motor vehicle repairing works.
8 years in a furniture manufacturing firm in Guangdong, working as painter & grinder of wooden doors and solid wood furnitures.
Also worked as a forklift driver, upload and download goods to containers.
5年家具学徒,5 年维修机车,8年广州家具加工厂,磨光及油漆,驾驶叉车上下货。
Expected Salary 1000
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